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Would you like Building Design and Construction to explain the importance of copyright ownership?

Besides our huge bulk buying power, copyright ownership of your building plans is the most important element that allows BDC Group to unlock a better building deal for you and your next building project���it is the key to a better building deal.

Beware � if you go direct to a builder to have designs prepared, regardless of whether they are your own ideas and regardless of whether you have sketched up your requirements, as soon as the builders drafting team have prepared concepts for you they own the copyright to the design.

Why is this so bad??

The answer is simple � if the builder owns the copyright to the design he is the only builder that can price those plans and you can be rest assured that if the builder owns the copyright to the design he will negotiate a price that is best for him, not you the client.

So when you undertake your next building project ‘the only way’ to get the very best value for your money is to own the copyright to your plans.

There are over 4000 registered builders in Western Australia, we have shortlisted some 40 builders that we regularly work with, some of the very best builders you will ever deal with, we have huge bulk buying power with these builders and this results in saving our clients many thousands of dollars on their building costs, these are builders that want your business and they are prepared to cut their margins to ensure they win your business.

When you deal with BDC Group we not only give you copyright ownership to your building design but we very effectively use that copyright ownership to tender to multiple builders and negotiate on your behalf the very best value for your building dollar � our bulk buying power speaks volumes in the negotiated savings that are passed on to you.