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Would you like to know what type of builders Building Design and Construction use to tender on their client’s projects?

At BDC Group we pride ourselves on only using builders who are extremely committed to providing our clients with the level of service that they deserve � we only use builders who provide great communication before and during construction, excellent time frames to commence construction, excellent onsite supervision, quality construction and excellent building time frames. It is for that very reason that BDC Group only use smaller boutique type builders as these builders put in an enormous effort to make sure they keep their reputation intact, to ensure that not only are their clients happy with the finished product but their workmanship is second to none, they have a subcontractor base that has usually been with them for many years, subcontractors that they know they can trust and rely on to provide that type of workmanship and because these builders don’t have the huge overheads of the big boys they are able to provide exceptionally competitive pricing. They ensure the project is completed on time, on budget and with a very good quality of construction.